04 July 2010

612th Kabir Birthday Celebrations

612th birth anniversary celebrations of Kabir were held at Parade Ground, Jammu under the aegis of Bhagat Mahasabha. On the dais Prof. Rajkumar Bhagat (2nd from right), Mr.Gopal Denwal (4th from from right), Dr.Rajesh Bhagat (5th from right).

Meghwals from Rajasthan also participated. Prof. Rajkumar Bhagat (extreem right) and Dr. Rajesh Bhagat (3rd from left) with Mr. Gopal Denwal (3rd from right) Thousands of Meghs participated in the celebrations.

Megh ladies participated with noticeable vigor. They were the first to come and help in organizational work.

Inquisitive Kabirpanthi Sadhus were also seen.

Children carried flags with the slogan ‘Jai kabir’ and ‘Dhanya Kabir’

Self confidence of young leadership was clearly visible.

Literature of Dr.Ambedkar and Osho, the books, calendars and new symbols of faith and belief regarding Kabir and Megh Rishi were also exhibited. People took deep interest in them.

Meghs felicitated Meghwals by presenting them turbans of Jammu region.

New symbols of discovered identity displayed at exhibition

Megh Rishi

 Megh Bhagwan

Serene Megh Bhagwan
Emblem of Megh Sena

The first of the Meghs

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