09 July 2010

Megh Chalisa

This is one of the latest publications from Meghs which presents Rajarishi Megh and his Chalisa in a new fashion and style. The first part Megh Vandana describes greatness of Megh culture prevalent during and before Indus Valley civilization. The expertise to weave clothes for humans during those times has been highlighted but their expertise in metal works, especially bronze, has been ignored. Second part, ‘Megh Aarti’, is reverence to Megh Rishi indicating emergence of new icon and deity with cultural, religious, mythological and historical background. Third part, Megh Chalisa, is a description of mythological references regarding Megh Rishi as preserved in Hindu religion and folk tales. Its sub-part is invitation to all Meghvanshis to eradicate social evils and illiteracy. It concludes with the essence: ‘Educate, Unite and Agitate.’ It goes further with a ‘Resolution’ to unite Meghvansh and create an enlightened society with a mission of overall and multidimensional development. In the last part there is a message to all Meghs to understand as to why they have been named differently in different parts of the country and divided to such an extent that they do not recognize each other. Well, this is a great message, historically. We pray to Lord to evolve a sustainable Indian society for sustainable economic growth.

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