06 March 2011

Meghvansh Ek Singhavlokan-2

पुस्तक 'मेघवंश एक सिंहावलोकन' एक आकर्षक पुस्तक है जिसे श्री आर.पी. सिंह, आईपीएस, राजस्थान काडर (आईजी रैंक के अधिकारी) ने लिखा है. यह हिन्दी में है और इसमें राजस्थानी महक है. लेखक की साहित्यिक पृष्ठभूमि है. इस पुस्तक में मेघवंश से संबंधित सांस्कृतिक, पौराणिक और ऐतिहासिक सामग्री शामिल है. किताब का पहला संस्करण विवाद में पड़ा और कुछ मुहावरेदार टिप्पणियों के कारण पुस्तक और लेखक के खिलाफ आंदोलन चलाया गया. परंपरावादियों ने परंपरानुसार इसकी कुछ अभिव्यक्तियों का विरोध किया और इस विवाद को प्रेस और कई अन्य मंचों पर ले गए. यह पुस्तक का संशोधित और दूसरा संस्करण है.

श्री आर.पी. सिंह ने मेरे आग्रह करने पर किताब की पीडीएफ प्रति भेजी है जिसे लिंक कर दिया गया है ताकि पाठकों की पहुँच आसान हो जाए और वे इसका लाभ उठा सकें. पीडीएफ फाइल के लिए नीचे दिए लिंक को देखें. पृष्ठ और फाँट के बड़े-छोटे आकार के लिए फाइल के ऊपर दाईं ओर दिए (+) और (-) के संकेतों का प्रयोग किया जा सकता है.

‘Meghvansh Ek Singhavlokan’ is a fascinating book written by Mr. R.P. Singh an I.P.S. officer (of IG rank) from Rajasthan cadre. It has been written in Hindi with Rajasthani flavor. The writer carries a literary background. The book contains cultural, mythical and historical material on Meghvansh. The first edition of the book got into controversy over a few idiomatic comments and there was agitation against the book and the writer. Traditionalists opposed few expressions in it and as usual the matter was taken to the press and many more forums.  The present edition is revised and improved one.
Mr. R.P. Singh was very kind to send a PDF copy of the book which has been now been linked for easy access and benefit of the readers. Please see this link for PDF file of the book. After opening the you may use (+) and (-) signs, given on the right side of the file, for bigger size of the page and fonts.

मेघवंश एक सिंहावलोकन 

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  1. Dhammachar dear Bhusanji,nice informative post

    Thanks --- ,Nitin-Jamnagar Gujarat

  2. I have read this book , good book , its a direct attack on the ideology of BSO.

  3. Some time back I have heard that R.P. Singh Sir criticized by the Brahmins as he accused the rishi dadhichi who donated his bones to Indra to attack on the dams of IVC.

    Obviously these are stories but has got some history in them .

  4. Indeed a great book and the title is very apt.

  5. historical record in the base of our unity. it will force our community to think about religion if with the knowledge given by Mr. R P Singh , the meghwal samaj which is not only disintegrated but developed as rival of the self, awakens.since Mr. R P Singh has put a hard labor, i request him to improve it further if he feels something is left out. one could read from the retaliation of the literature that something was not to be published. How about those people who were practically undergoing treacheries the publication of which is being retaliated. it is advise to all well wisher of the nation that each community should be respected honestly so that in future such problem should not crop up.

  6. I sincerely congratulate him for his sincere efforts he has put in. all those who co-ordinated him also deserves the the same appreciation.

  7. Mr. R P Singh has done an excellent work that proves Meghvansi are the seed community. It is removal of darkness and such work is helpful in social change. He should keep on contributing his intellect for the community.

  8. Dear R P jee, you have done a fine work for enlightening the community. In the given conditions what is the solution to the problems? You have witnessed the controversy about your writings. The removal of the defects is to console the mind of the readers or the others. Some time I feel that modern generation of all the sections of society is moving on the scientific lines. They also hate the orthodox system. But with the attitude that has been witnessed in your case in the modern age is astonishing. The vices of the past are an open book. These are well recorded by different authors of the time.
    How can we find our position in our society? Can we change our cultural that has been injected over such a long time? You will find that if one person wants to take steps to enlighten and develop his own people, the opportunists from our own class are waiting for the time and they would not mind to join the subversive’s forces.
    You have not left any doubt about meghwal’s growth. Your reminding them of their superiority is meaningful only if some of them change their mind and adopt their old religion/ culture/ life style. Meghvanshi itself is a scientific ideology in the form of religion. Why should not these people write this a religion.
    We have no confrontation with any class. How can our people get benefits within provisions of the Constitution of India?
    Your Knowledge requires practical implementation. How it can be?