17 July 2010

An appeal to Megh Brotherhood

(Emancipation from the present Hell lies in our own hands)

In view of the inclusion of a column on caste in the census schedule of Census-2011, an emergent meeting of the representatives of various social and cultural organizations of the Meghs was held in Jalandhar on May 2, 2010. It was unanimously decided that to ensure proper enumeration of Meghs, the heads of families of Megh Brotherhood must mention/state their caste as ‘Megh’ in the relevant column of the census schedule, as this census is going to have wider implications having long-term consequences.

The data on caste was first compiled in 1931 and this exercise is now being done after a gap of 80 years. Although we are against casteism which is basically against all human values and human rights and imposes untold miseries, limitless disabilities, ruthless economic exploitation and social exclusion on the basis of artificial notions of purity and pollution on the lower castes, yet we have to face the ground realities of the monster of caste as existing in India in a bold and intelligent manner.

It is, therefore, appealed to all members of the Megh Brotherhood that they should be aware of the implications of the ongoing Census-2011 in order to meet the future challenges relating to our socio-economic, cultural and political disempowerment and dis-abilities. It will also help us to know our true strengths and weaknesses, create mutual social-networking and organize ourselves to translate the goal of our emancipation into reality. (Courtesy:R.L.Gottra) MEGHDOOT

It is a remarkable and timely appeal, which should be adhered to by all Meghs to meet the present challenges being faced by them in all socio-economic, cultural and political fields.(Courtesy:Col. Tilak Raj)


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