07 July 2010

Public Awareness Movement of Balai Community

Balai community of Megh lineage has started a public awareness movement. Its Executive State President is Mr.G.R. Bunkar.

Development vision:
Their development model includes collection of Rs.50/- from each of 500 families out the total 1500 families from a village. Thus expecting a total collection of Rs. 1, 20, 00,000 per annum from around 40 Panchayats. The amount will be spent on student hostels, home for destitute, marriages of girls from poor families, renovation of temples of Baba Ramdev (a revered deity of Meghwals and others in Rajasthan), and education of intelligent students and also on election of community candidates contesting elections. Their last Maha Panchayat was held on 13 June, 2010.

They are educating their folks so that they do not spend hard earned money on court cases, outdated religious activities and unimportant aspects of social functions. Awareness is being created against borrowing from local money lenders and mortgaging land.
Construction of boys and girls hostels, Dharmashala; organizing coaching and training classes and constitution of Balai Brigade etc.; unity of votes by various means; raising demand with government to give special treatment to Balai community while giving political posts in cooperative sector and other semi government organizations; demand for Weavers Commission and Weavers Cooperative Development Corporation with financial assistance of Rs.400 crores; to request government to name its schemes after Megh Rishi, Kabir, Baba Ramdev, Dr.Ambedkar, Baba Garib Das etc. and issue special postal tickets.

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