04 August 2010

Buddhists are Meghvanshis

I have an old friend of mine in Hyderabad. He is a Buddhist and lovely fellow. During a talk on telephone I mentioned to him about Meghvansh. He rather reacted by saying that Meghvanshis were from north and Nagvanshis were from Nagpur (Maharashtra). I knew he was an Ambedkarite. His reaction was shocking for me. On further queries I came to know that one of his friends had told him that way. Then I gave few references and made him understand that the origin of both of them was same. Vritra is considered to be the first Megh and described as Vritra Asur (वृत्र असुर) and Ahi Vritra (नाग वृत्र). Both the names have been ascribed to him. Later both the names were used for his further generations and are still in vogue.
Names do divide us. Different names are given to our social groups with mythological stories and corrupt historical references. Thus our social groups are further divided socially and politically. They are also divided on the basis of region as was done in the case mentioned above. This process needs to be stopped. There is an urgent need to start efforts to educate people in this regard. It is for our politicians from all states and religions to understand this vicious division and then initiate uniting process. Liberal leaders from other spheres and circles can also be invited to share the views. It is not less important to compel religious leaders to sit on a common platform in order to unite these divided groups.

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