14 August 2010

A call to‘Meghvansh

Mr. R.P. Singh, an IPS officer from Rajasthan cadre had written an article in all India editions of Kisan Ka Koda and Untouchables, the works of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule and Dr. Ambedkar respectively, published by Dr. Ambedkar, Mahatma Phule Sahitya Academy, Jaipur. It calls for a social change and unity amongst its sub groups so that they can improve their plight. It deals with various socio-religious, economical, psychological and political aspects required to be touched for betterment of Scheduled castes as one identity.  I have summarized the article the way I understood it:

‘The Constitution of India came into force on January 26, 1950. Right to equality, right to freedom, the right to freedom from exploitation and atrocities, religious freedom, the right to education and culture, right to constitutional remedies were granted through it. But even after 60 years of implementation of the Constitution, certain communities still feel degraded, neglected and they live a disgusting life. Now is the time for introspection.

Our mind is the only tool: We consider ourselves disabled. We kill our own inner self. There is lack of self respect and confidence. Now think afresh. If you are timid you will be intimidated. So do not be afraid of anything. Never ever curse yourself. It is violence against self. No need to repent on old history. It is written by someone else and it is not ours. Read it. Smile at it and move on. The present day belongs to us.
The concept of inequality prevails in other countries as well: U.S. President Ibrahim Lincoln's father was a cobbler. Lincoln did not have any inferiority complex. He became President of the world's most powerful nation. We must have self confidence. Time and society is changing. We also have to change.
Unite under one name: One name helps easy identification and develop self respect. It is the power to keep oneself alive. We are scattered and unorganized. We ought to know the power of unity. Our society is divided into multiple extensions. Confusion does not let us unite. Our sub groups have developed an illusion of being higher than the second. They have been brought up like that. Split has affected us. Our regional names are hurdles in proper identification. They frustrate our efforts for collective demands and rights. Therefore unite under one name. 
Superstition, blind faith, outdated traditions and social practices: We are plagued by numerous religious and social evils. Other castes are refraining from Death Feast (मृत्यु भोज), night prayers (जागरण), gods, offering of holy water etc. We should follow suit. Why should we continue with those evil. All divine gods upset us the most. Why they do not upset other castes and races? These gods are merely our thoughts i.e. impressions and suggestions imprinted on our mind and not the reality. The eighty percent of the crowd of religious fairs consist of our people. First of all we were made illiterate. Then we were exploited through religious pageantry and robbed of our money. If you do not spend on children's education and keep on spending on religious functions then you are not a religious person. Rather you are committing a sin. Other castes prefer to spend on education. Religion of patriotism is the highest one and it expects you to spend more on children’s education. Take a vow today.
God helps those who help themselves. Rise and say good morning to the world. Work for the good of society and country. Improve yourself, society will automatically improve.
So refrain from Death Feast, dowry system, child marriage etc. Shun hypocrisy and discard rotten traditions prevailing in the society as you know them all. Tread the path of progress with self confidence.
Girls can be better than boys in talent: Now a day girls are leading in every area. Do not beget more than one or two children. Obsession of getting a son can ruin your family budget. Educate them and make them progress to top positions. Remember! To beget not more than two children is also patriotism and religion.
Prepare children for competition. Children must also note that this is era of competition. Compete for success and the best. All are struggling for an earning. Win it. Go ahead. Be Brahma. The meaning of Brahma is to move forward, make progress and expand.
Do not depend upon government jobs. Select a business. Deal up with loved ones. With strong will and dare try to be the best. If you are a mason, then dream of becoming a great contractor. If you are a retailer think of making a multiplex. Big thinking and confidence is the key to success. Why only village, we can do business in cities. It is eternal truth that the people who changed traditional way of living and left home to work at a distant place have flourished.

Now we have resolved to organize, get educated and struggle. Now move ahead.’


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