19 August 2010

Meghvansh Ek Singhavlokan

About the writer
I was fascinated by the book Meghvansh Ek Singhavlokan written by Mr. R.P. Singh an I.P.S. officer from Rajasthan cadre. It has been written in Hindi with Rajasthani flavor. The writer has a literary background. The book contains cultural, mythological and historical material on Meghvansh. The book got into controversy and there was agitation against its content, of course a part not liked by a few traditionalists. Review of the book is not intended here, however, I feel that the content and language of the book needs rearrangement and rephrasing.

Some selected parts have been given at Megh Bhagat.
Please see this link for full PDF version of this Hindi  book -  मेघवंश एक सिंहावलोकन  which has been provided by Sh. R.P. Singh.

(SPECIAL REQUEST: I wish to make a special request to all the writers belonging to Meghvansh to ensure that the Hindi material is composed in Unicode Mangal font only. It helps take it to internet instantly. Please…please…please keep away from the chaos of other Hindi fonts and softwares. It will save lot of time and energy. You may visit Wikipedia for help.)