11 September 2010

Bali Island may have a regard to King Bali (राजा बली)

An idea occurred to me whether Bali island of Indonesia had anything to do with King Bali. I wrote a post and asked my non responding readers to give a clue, if they had. After posting I had restless hours. I again got up and started searching on the net. Wikipedia is a wonderful reference aggregator. Soon I could see articles like Bali Island, Balinese mythology, Balinese people, Shiva, Bali aga, Takshaka leading to Kurukshetra, Hinduism in Indonesia and its subhead Hinduism in Bali. There were many other relevant links and inter-links and an article ‘Onam – a festival of Exuberance’. For the time being I have stopped my search. Many more investigations are required. Anyhow, you may read this article for the above point. à Onam – a festival of Exuberance


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