25 October 2010

Maveli (राजा बली) is remembered by Meghvanshis in Kuchchh-Gujrat

This was the feedback I received from Gujrat (Kuchchh) as a comment on one of the articles. This deserved to be taken as proper input.:
"Thank you, Bharat Bhushan, for raising historical topic relating to identity of Meghwal identity. As far as western Gujarat (Kachchh) (erstwhile Sindh-Kachchh region) is concerned, we Maheshwari Meghwars have an interesting tradition to confirm much awaited return of Raja Bali's rule. People from our community are following an unique tradition during Diwali i.e. on Kali Chaudas Day - Kids/youths will take a 3 feet sugarcane stick with cotton tied on it and after burning the same, they will go to each and every fellow community brother's home and will say "HORI, DIYARI, MEGH RAJA JE GHARE MERIYO BARE", which means - lights shall ignite in the house of Megh Raja on every Holi and Diwali". In return, the householder will pour one spoon Ghee on the burning cotton. Eventually, after roaming almost all homes, all these Sugarcane stick (MERIYO) are kept at the outskirts. These MERIYAS when seen together gives a marvelous glimpse of unity of Meghwar community.

The basic idea behind all these traditions is to keep alive our craving for retaining our lost pride that we (Meghwars/Meghwals) are descendants of Great Ruler of ancient India. In our forefathers rule, we were happy and living a dignified life. As such, this tradition of remembering Bali Raja/Megh Raja is to keep alive our ambitions of restoring our lost rule and pride. I think so.

Thanks again for your cause of uniting entire Meghwals of India on one platform.

Navin K. Bhoiya
18 September 2010 17:57”



  1. To dear Navin,it is very good ancient article on diwali celebration and unity in Meghwar;

    from Dr Nitin, Jamnagar, Gujarat India

  2. Dear,BHUSANJI,very nice article on Alm or charity,we meghwar believed in alm giving to poor for their development; ten percent of total income should be donated to poor peoples,The Mamai said who are not donating 10/% they are eating ASURY (devil) food,

    The Alm giving is compUlsary in mamai dharma;IT IS KNOWN AS DASHODH,

  3. Dear Bhusanji, thanks for visiting my site,
    giving your opinion and guidence and your valuable time, The MAMAI on internet and odyssey to moon;

    from Dr Nitin ,

  4. dear Bhusanji and Meghnet pariwar ko DIWALI KI SHUBHECHHA,wish you happy diwali;

    Dr Nitin Jamnagar Gujarat India