"इतिहास - दृष्टि बदल चुकी है...इसलिए इतिहास भी बदल रहा है...दृश्य बदल रहे हैं ....स्वागत कीजिए ...जो नहीं दिख रहा था...वो दिखने लगा है...भारी उथल - पुथल है...मानों इतिहास में भूकंप आ गया हो...धूल के आवरण हट रहे हैं...स्वर्णिम इतिहास सामने आ रहा है...इतिहास की दबी - कुचली जनता अपना स्वर्णिम इतिहास पाकर गौरवान्वित है। इतिहास के इस नए नज़रिए को बधाई!" - डॉ राजेंद्र प्रसाद सिंह

31 July 2010

Megh Churn (मेघ मथनी)

We usually talk about Mr. Megh, nah - The Megh….living in each one of us and the one most ill treated by us.
I have heard about Megh Churn and fear it too. Even then I churned him yesterday. Mr. Megh is more than a common man. Here is an interview with him:-

I: Mr. Megh, is it true that you start all your sentences with ‘No’.
Mr. Megh: Okay. I do some introspection before I answer your problem. Hmmmm! My wise leaders come to me with such negative thinking. What I do? I begin with a 'no'. I do that. This can be due to differences with them. Why are they afraid of it?
I: They say you are very assertive about wrong things.
Mr. Megh: If I am calling on wrong things, it is my wish. They may emphasize on something right and leave me alone.
I: You are accused of not following your leaders.
Mr. Megh: I do not consider them as leaders. Look at their faces. Is not it? Exactly! They are not up to my expectations.
I: Your friends tell that you hate social workers who try to improve your plight? Aapka sudhaar karna chaahte hain.
Mr. Megh: Yeah, social workers come to improve upon me. They think I'm an idiot. They are sure idiots. They never give me new information. They never give me training. They come to improve upon me. Sudhar karna chaahte hain!
I: You follow all religions but understand none, is it so? Eh! What you say about God.
Mr. Megh: Intelligent question that is. My experience is that there is no God, but there are religions. I can go to any shop as per my need. I go to all religions to purchase a merciful God. They sell me ideas and idols of God. I stand divided. Can politicians or social workers tell me about what religion I should follow, what my original religion is, with which I can identify myself. I am forced to mark myself with everything which shows me the dream of equality and respect. Can my leader give me a common platform of religions?
I: But Mr. Megh, they are politicians. Why should they interfere in religious matters?
Mr. Megh: Shut up! They have already mingled both. Can’t you see that? Better you see that. They do not want to work for me.
I:  They say you have a tendency to commit suicide on all fronts.
Mr. Megh: I commit suicide on all fronts! You said that?
I: No! No! No! I did not mean that. I said, -‘they say’.
Mr. Megh: Yeah! They say so. I know you are no different. I've suffered for centuries, fought against hunger, fought for social justice, fought against floods manipulated to flow to my side. I fought political troubles. Whenever my house was razed or burnt I rebuilt it. So, me, in every field am used to commit suicide? You told that? Dear friend, the next time you come to my house I shall specially slap on the softest part of your right cheek. Better you disappear now. But come again and have a cup of tea with us.”
I listened to Mr. Megh very carefully. He is worth making a friend. I am thinking about changing my perception about him. He is very particular, particular even in selecting part and side of the cheek. Now I understand him better. After all he lives without and within us.

23 July 2010

Megh Gaan

मेघ गान
जाग मेघ अब तो जाग
छेड़ दे क्रांति का राग

बाँहों में नया जोश भरो
सब की पीड़ा दूर करो
मिटा दो ग़ुलामी के दाग़

अनपढ़ता आलस को छोड़
भाईचारे से सब को जोड़
विद्या के जलें चिराग़
जाग मेघ अब तो जाग

सच्ची सोच हो सुच्चे काम
लिख दो जीवन जनता के नाम
बुझ न पाए दिल की आग
जाग मेघ अब तो जाग
कर्नल तिलक राज
                                         रिटायर्ड चीफ़ पोस्टमास्टर जनरल
                                         चंडीगढ़, पंजाब
                        आवास: मकान नं.329, अर्बन एस्टेट
                        फ़ेज़ 2, जालंधर शहर – 144022 के सौजन्य से

English Translation
Megh song
Megh! Wake up now
Give revolution an unleashed melody

With new valor in arms
Get rid of all sufferings
Erase the stains of slavery

Give up lethargy and illiteracy
Let all brotherhood unite
Lit the lamp of knowledge
Megh! Wake up now Megh

With honest thinking and real work
Dedicate your life to the public,
Keep the torch of soul burning
Megh! Wake up now Megh
Courtesy: Col Tilak Raj
Chief Postmaster General
                                    Punjab, Chandigarh
                                    Resi: House No.329, Urban Estate
                                    Phase 2, Jalandhar City - 144022
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20 July 2010

General History of Maheshwari Meghwars

This piece of information taken from web site of Maheshwari Meghwars is stunning. (This site is presently being updated). It is clear from the following paragraphs that Meghvansh, since centuries existed in Bihar and Megh brothers and sisters in various parts of India are struggling against the same social hardships though they have been given  different names and religions. It is pleasant to note that Maheshwari Meghwars have a religion of their own.  It goes like this:
General History
“Maheshpanthi” is a term used for collective identification of lakhs of followers of a unique religion called “Baarmati-Panth” founded by the venerable Matang Dev. The followers of “Baarmati Panth” are spread all over India but its presence is most visible in the districts of Kutch, Jamnagar, Rajkot, Amreli, Bhavnagar in Gujarat (India) and Sindh (now in Pakistan) apart from the other Indian States like Maharashtra, Bihar, M.P., etc.
It is believed that the revered Matang Dev founded his religion sometime around 900-1000 years ago in the parts of Kutch and Sindh. He was born to Jasde-Devi and Matra-Rakh at village Mandna in Bihar (India) on the banks of holy Gangas. He migrated from Bihar to Kutch/Saurashtra/Sindh region at his youth and united the people amongst the various untouchable & tribal castes, who until then had been debarred from professing Hindu Religion due to religious ban coerced by the high-caste Brahmins. In local terminology, these untouchables and tribals were called “Jhankhriyas” and “Simbhriyas” respectively. These neglected people staying across the Kutch-Sindh region embraced the the religion founded by Matang Dev, based on liberty, equality and fraternity. The first 12 sub-castes who embraced “Baarmati Panth” comprise of
(i) Kannar, Nangsipotra, Roshiya
(ii) Chande, Aediya, Sondhra
(iii) Fofal, Danicha, Bhoiya and
(iv) Dhua, Jod, Loiya and collectively being called Maheshwari. Teachings of Lord Matang Dev were so revered that even the warrior class of Kutch i.e ‘Jadejas’ accepted him as their sole Master (Priest).
History reveals that Matang Dev acquired martyrdom alongwith “Abda-Adbhang” (Princely King of Kutch) while fighting with “Haiderkhan Pastan” (a Pathan warrior from Western India) in the Great Rann of Kutch, for protecting the motherland from violent massacre and ransacking. Eventually, his Son “Lunang  Dev” fought a very brave battle and killed Haiderkhan. Body of Lord Matang Dev was buried at the outskirts of ‘Seni’ near Badin-Sindh (now in Pakistan), which is the foremost pilgrimage place for all Maheshwaris.
Subsequently, “Lunag Dev” continued the legacy of his father Lord Matang Dev with absolute integrity and devotion. Lunag Dev is being worshipped as the highest spiritual deity of all Maheshwaris. His body is buried at “Tharai” (Sindh-Pakistan).
Similarly, his son “Maatai Dev” carried on the established legacy of “Baarmati-Panth”. He played a very prominent role in the formation of Princely dynasty of Jadeja clan (a warrior class of Indian Kshatriyas) in the Kutch-Sindh region. His orders were obeyed by all Jadejas as a call of God. The supreme religious power of ordaining someone as King was conferred upon to Lord Maatai Dev. This indeed was a historical phenomenon in India, as this prestigious penultimate power had been reserved only for the high caste Brahmins. This supreme exclusive power of coronation is still in existence from one generation to other particularly in the Kutch region. After his heavenly abode, he was buried at Bhadra-Sindh (now in Pakistan).
Now, the duty of preaching the tenets of Baarmati-Panth hierarchically came onto the shoulders of Lord Maamai Dev, son of Lord Maatai Dev. Being the 4th generation of Lord Matang Dev, he acquired ample knowledge gathered over the years by his ancestors. Maamai Dev was admired by all. He got the special ability to preach the tenets of religion in a more lucid manner understandable to all. Many Princely Kings of Kutch, Junagadh, Jamnagar used to venerate him and give the highest regard. He narrated the tenets and precepts of Baarmati-Panth in a more innovative way. He created unique ragas (a classical form of singing) conducive to routine time table and occasion i.e. Noda, Vagat, Umaro, etc. in the form of stanzas. He possessed divinity and uttered more than 9,99,000 words and forecasted the future of the world in a more authentic manner called ‘Agamwani’ in local parlance. Most of his prophecies, which rendered due maturity, have been proven true without any slightest of doubt. Many of his prophecies are awaiting the events to happen as their time is still not ripe. He has forecasted the things in a more scientific manner. All Maheshwaris lays supreme belief in the teachings of Lord Maamai Dev with complete wisdom and faith. His prophecies are undoubtedly more natural and authentic from others. It is a pity that the scholars from the rest of the world are still unaware of this great Master, as his work and religion were kept secret due to historical reasons. He was such a visionary Religious Master as he realized that after his death, nobody would be able to restrain the sanctity of the post of Religious Master. As such, he terminated the hierarchical practice of becoming Religious Master by birth. Instead, he advocated that after his death, only the ‘Baarmati-Panth’ would be regarded as the supreme state of religious affairs. Thus, he was a man of sheer wisdom and valor. After he left for heavenly abode, he was buried at Makli-Sindh (now in Pakistan). Thereafter, his six sons namely,
(i) Matiya, (ii) Lalan, (iii) Bhagwant, (iv) Meghanand, (v) Maade and (vi) Merchant and their descendants, collectively called “Matangs”, are performing all rites and rituals of the religion but the highest obeisance is being given to ‘Baarmati-Panth’.
Pilgrimage Places:
1. Char-Dham:
(i) ‘Seni’- Dhanimatang Dev, near Badin (now in Sindh-Pakistan).
(ii) ‘Tharai’- Lunang Dev, near Tharai (now in Sindh-Pakistan).
(iii) ‘Bhadra’- Maatai Dev, near Haji savan (now in Sindh-Pakistan).
(iii) ‘Makli’- Mamai Dev, at Makli (now in Sindh-Pakistan).
2. Chandrua Dham: Situated on the hill/mountain at Lakhond Village (Bhuj-Kutch).
3. Bagthada Dham: Anjar (Kutch) near Jaisal-Toral Temple.
4. Matang Rai : Varsamedi village in Taluka Anjar (Kutch).
5. Trei-Jaar: Situated at the Bank of Pur River, Raydhanpar village, Bhuj (Kutch)
6. Karumbha Hills: Situated on the hills (Kadamgiri) of Palitana (Gujarat-India).
7. Luni Dham: Situated in village Luni at Mundra (Kutch).
8. Gudthar Matiya: Situated in village Gudthar at Abdasa (Kutch).
9. Bhojara Matiya: Situated at Mundra (Kutch).
10. Valsara Matiya: Situated at Mandvi (Kutch).
11. Ghebi Matiya: Situated near Vinjaan Village, Naliya (Kutch).
12. Gadh-Ghomli: Situated at Bhanwad in Jamnagar District (Gujarat-India)
Efforts are on hand to transcribe the history of Baarmati-Panth and prophecy of Maamai Dev in a comprehensive manner.

Maheshwari Meghwars (Meghwals)


Maheshwari Meghwar community is registered as ‘Meghwal’ caste under the Scheduled Caste category in the District of Gujarat. Its national population is nearly 4 lakhs. Of which, sizeable population is inhabited in the District of Kachchh (Gujarat) and large numbers of people are found in Saurashtra, Jamnagar, Ahmedabad Districts of Gujarat. Besides, some few thousand people are residing in Mumbai, Thane Districts of Maharashtra. Equally, some 1 to 2 lakh people are residing in Sindh region of Pakistan, as they had migrated to Sindh in search of good job opportunities, prior to partition of India. Geographically Sindh and Kachcch are separated only by the Great Rann of Kachchh (Desert). This community is professing ‘Barmati Panth’, a messianic Sect, having its own religious code of conduct and governance, founded by revered Matang Dev (Guru of Megh Rishi, as claimed in Megh Chalisa).
In order to unite Maheshwari Meghwar community, a Non-Political and Secular Social Organization has been formed under the short name “Maheshwari Youth Federation”. They have a vision of development with agenda for overall growth of the community.
The proposed office bearers of the Federation for the initial year are as under:-
1. President:Dr. L.V. Fofal, Principal, Mundra B.Ed. College.
2. Vice President:Dr. Naresh Keniya, Medical Practitioner
3. Secretary:Mr. Navin K. Bhoiya, Govt. Service
4. Vice Secretary:Mr. Valji Fofal, Principal, Government School
5. Treasurer:Mr. Vallabh Katuva, Retd. Class-II Officer
6. Executive Member:Mr. Mangal Khankhla, Govt. Service
7. Executive Member:Mr. Ashish Bherya, Business
8. Executive Member:05 posts unfilled.
Federation envisages formation of various Committees and Sub-Committees along with Executive Bodies at various Chapters/Units of Maheshwari Meghwar community.
Their recent activities include five meetings at various places on 21-02-2010, 14-03-2010, 25-04-2010, 09-05-2010 and 20-06-2010.
The work of registration of the body is under process. Membership campaign will be undertaken in phased manner.
Their mission is to create universal unity of entire Maheshwari Meghwar community and to highlight Barmati Panth religion, founded by Matang Dev.

Navin K. Bhoia, Secretary

09 July 2010

Protecting interest of Dalit employees

Northern zone SCs/STs Welfare Federation

Viru Mal Megh
Viru Mal Megh addressing the meeting of Federation on 04-07-2010

Northern zone SCs/STs Welfare Federation is a registered body comprising of the representatives  of northern states of India. It looks after the interest of Scheduled castes and scheduled tribes residing in the region. It was established in the year 1970 and changed its name  form time to time to best suit to its activities and objectives.
Activities: Presently it is headed by Sh.Viru Mal  Megh as president of the Federation. Looks after the interests of SCs and STs (groups of people included in a list in the Indian constitution for special treatment in order to empower them to overcome disadvantageous position arising due to caste bias in Indian society) belonging to to north India. It consists of representatives from different Departments of the Punjab State. It ensures that constitutional provisions, in particular, adequate representation of SCs and STs in services under the respective states i.e. the desired representation is consistent with the demographic estimate (census figures and this constitutional object is provided/fulfilled by means of prescribing percentage of reservations for that).  The last convention to achieve the aims was held on 04-07-2010 at Ravidas Bhawan, Mohali to consider the various issues relating to Punjab services. Defects, implications and complications noticed in the smooth implementation of constitutional provisions and the government policy were brought to the notice of Government of Punjab for taking remedial measures in this regard. In nut shell it struggles for the constitutional rights of all SC and ST communities. In case of its violation by the State, it struggles for restoration of rights.  The federation plans protests, dharnas and rallies whenever and wherever needed.
The forum organizes coordinated activities. 

Head Quarters: Ravidas Bhawan, Phase VII, SAS Nagar (Mohali), Punjab.

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07 July 2010

Bhagat Mahasabha - Introduction

Bhagat Mahasabha was established in the year 2002 with the mission to unite Megh Community. The purpose was to bring them at one platform and to create social, religious, political and historical awareness amongst them. Its founder members were Prof. Raj Kumar, Balvir Bhagat, Jagdish Bitta, Roshan Lal Bhagat, Rajinder Kumar, Ramesh Kumar Bhagat etc.
Prof. Rajkumar addressing a gathering.
The present Punjab state level office bearers in Punjab: Prabhdyal Bhagat is State President, Jatinder Jind is General Secretary, Rajesh Bhagat is State Coordinator. Other office bears include Yog Raj Bhagat, Dr.Ashok Bhagat, Labh Chand Bhagat, Raj Kumar, Dr.Dhian Singh Bhagat, Joginder Bhagat, Kans Raj Bhagat, Ramesh Chander Bhagat, Bobby Pandit.
Bhagat Mahasabha has its district units in Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Gurdaspur and Kapurthala with their state units located in Punjab, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and New Delhi.
Bhagat Mahasabha is the only organization which is on-line and using free SMS service for social networking of Megh Community in India. They have other wing named Bhagat Network and also provides job search assistance through blogging i.e. Bhagat Jobs. Recently they have added Bhagat Chetna to their credits.  As a group they participate in social, political, educational, cultural and religious activities. At the same time they do not affiliate with any political, social or religious group. They believe in individual identity of Megh Samaj in the world .Major functions of the organization are to EDUCATE, ORGANISE and UNITE. They organize coaching classes for Megh students and provide services for searching employment opportunities through blogs and create awareness regarding religion and matrimonial services. Bhagat Mahasabha has initiated a forum called Bhagat Mahasabha Intellectual’s Forum which consists of people from services, retired individuals, students, and businessmen, religious and political personalities. Mahasabha has a youth wing called Kabir Sena for the purpose of character building of young people and bringing them to right religious thinking.

Large number of people participating in Kabir Prakashotsav in Jammu on 26-062010
As a part of their social help to the needy young people they organized coaching classes for aspirants of bank services. They are preparing second line of the leadership. They have started making an Advisory board and have their own letter head. Besides publishing on blogs, they also published calendars of Satguru Kabir and distributed free of cost on the occasion of Kabir Jayanti. So far they have not taken any donations for any social cause. They have no sources of funds so far. Mahasabha takes legal advice for all its activities.

Future agenda: Besides having a National forum, grass root level units will be established in each state, district and village. More wings of Bhagat Mahasabha will be established very soon e.i student, bussiness, youth, retired, satguru kabir panth (in which all satguru kabir mandirs will be inter-connected)

04 July 2010

612th Kabir Birthday Celebrations

612th birth anniversary celebrations of Kabir were held at Parade Ground, Jammu under the aegis of Bhagat Mahasabha. On the dais Prof. Rajkumar Bhagat (2nd from right), Mr.Gopal Denwal (4th from from right), Dr.Rajesh Bhagat (5th from right).

Meghwals from Rajasthan also participated. Prof. Rajkumar Bhagat (extreem right) and Dr. Rajesh Bhagat (3rd from left) with Mr. Gopal Denwal (3rd from right) Thousands of Meghs participated in the celebrations.

Megh ladies participated with noticeable vigor. They were the first to come and help in organizational work.

Inquisitive Kabirpanthi Sadhus were also seen.

Children carried flags with the slogan ‘Jai kabir’ and ‘Dhanya Kabir’

Self confidence of young leadership was clearly visible.

Literature of Dr.Ambedkar and Osho, the books, calendars and new symbols of faith and belief regarding Kabir and Megh Rishi were also exhibited. People took deep interest in them.

Meghs felicitated Meghwals by presenting them turbans of Jammu region.

New symbols of discovered identity displayed at exhibition

Megh Rishi

 Megh Bhagwan

Serene Megh Bhagwan
Emblem of Megh Sena

The first of the Meghs

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