"इतिहास - दृष्टि बदल चुकी है...इसलिए इतिहास भी बदल रहा है...दृश्य बदल रहे हैं ....स्वागत कीजिए ...जो नहीं दिख रहा था...वो दिखने लगा है...भारी उथल - पुथल है...मानों इतिहास में भूकंप आ गया हो...धूल के आवरण हट रहे हैं...स्वर्णिम इतिहास सामने आ रहा है...इतिहास की दबी - कुचली जनता अपना स्वर्णिम इतिहास पाकर गौरवान्वित है। इतिहास के इस नए नज़रिए को बधाई!" - डॉ राजेंद्र प्रसाद सिंह

21 March 2011

Religion of SCs and STs

Following lines have been contributed by our brother Mr. Navin from Gujrat:-

A study of religions practiced by Scheduled Caste communities in India suggests that all of them have preserved their ancient religion in one form or the other. Small panths in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, etc. still exists in different sects. Hitherto, they have not congregated with each other due to lack of universal appeal. All these small sects have one thing in common that their religion possesses the strong base of Buddhism in their teachings. It is a matter of regret that despite our preservation of ancient religious beliefs, although in the smaller forms, we have not taken any effort to unite all these sects into a sole religion.

Dr. Ambedkar’s vision of selecting Buddhism is based on the firm belief that it is a religion of India as Gautam Buddha was born in India and preached his Dhamma for the common masses. Secondly, since Buddhism is practiced in China, Japan, Korea, Burma and other South-East Asian countries, Dr. Ambedkar thought of taking support from these countries for revival of Buddhism in India. However, untimely death of Dr. Ambedkar in the year 1956 was a major setback in this direction. Dr. Ambedkar’s dream was to unite entire lower caste communities into one class on a religious footing. Present day Buddhism in India has just mere become a new branch of Buddhism to be called as ‘Bhimyaan’.

In this scenario, it is inevitable for us to find a solution to this great vision of Dr. Ambedkar for which indepth religious study is required to be attended on war footing. Presently, we have Kabir Panth, Dadu Panth, Barmati Panth and various other sects. As said above, all these Panths have buddhist impact in their religions, we must select a new religion of depressed classes of India taking either selecting one near to Buddhism or to assimilate all religions into one.

Thanks & Regards,

Navin K. Bhoiya


  1. Dear Bharat Bhusanji nice post by our Navin,The Buddha dharam was widely accepted by world,in china there is ZEN Buddha; division of inter caste in scheduled caste is not good for us,
    Dr Nitin,Jamnagar Gujarat'

  2. Dear Navin and Bharat Bhusanji,

    "we accept as Dharma which give full conformities in Equality what we see in every things;" Dr Nitin Jamnagar Gujarat

  3. I think, for the welfare of humankind,the Civilized Society should treat religious faith as a personal matter & should not create such situations for altercations resulting into circumstances wherein we are hindered in our attempts to promote humanity. Though, persons like me may not be here after passing their respective life spans, but with the progress of Civilized Society, a day may come when preference of religion as a matter of 'personal faith' may gradually become popular.

  4. @ Navin.
    I fully agree with you. Your approach towards this complicated situation suggests that anything resembling Buddhism may attract our communities. The same thing is already happening. Radhaswami Mat attracts us for it uses Kabir as its base, for the same reason Sikhism also attracted us to some extent. There are many more Hindu and non-Hindu sects working on the same lines to draw our masses and money. On the other hand, masses have started recognizing the real face of traditional religions i.e. their strive for money, muscle and political power. It is also worth considering whether a start can be made from efforts regarding political unity.

  5. Buddhism is an offshoot of Hinduism , which is definitely attracting masses.

  6. I am thankful to S/Shri Bhushan Sir, Nitin Sir, Rattan Sir and Dr.Divya Srivastava for commenting on my post.

    All the comments are fine. However, it needs to be corrected that Buddhism is not an offshoot of Hinduism. Infact, Buddhism has got fierce attack from Hinduism and after the fall of Maurya rule, hundreds of Budhist monks were killed in retaliation. Buddhist teachings is for the welfare of all whereas hinduism is having age old reservation policy exclusively for upper three varnas i.e. Brahman to learn and preach, kshatriya to lift sword and become king and Vaishya to do business. Buddishm says 'Bahujan Hitay Bahujan Sukhay and Hinduism has never shown such attitude. Thus, Buddhism and Hinduism are two different ideologies like North Pole and South Pole which repel each other.

  7. .

    Navin ji ,

    People are rising above such imposition of caste and reservation. Educated people do not believe in discrimination . Those who are sensible and enlightened , they do not believe in 'karm-kaand'. They prefer peace , humanity and equality among all.

    In my humble opinion 'Buddhism should be seen as a way of living life by peace loving and progressive people instead of taking it as a separate religion.



  8. Dear, law is clear that has made all of about Varna formation. From Varna, the jobs of caste division were left to devalaka for further subdivision of castes and enforce it. Out-caste has a birth( from non-shifting….) and is out of the law and this section of personal law is not amended as has been done in marriage act, land act and other amendments.
    Previous Law: I-31. But for the sake of the prosperity of the worlds he caused the Brahmana, the Kshatriya, the Vaisya, and the Sudra to proceed from his mouth, his arms, his thighs, and his feet.
    Previous Law: X-45. All those tribes in this world, which are excluded from (the community of) those born from the mouth, the arms, the thighs, and the feet (of Brahman), are called Dasyus, whether they speak the language of the Mlecchas (barbarians) or that of the Aryans.
    Who enforced law? “Smarta (Educated brahmins in charge of land revenue and religion) and devalaka (illiterate/ non-vedic brahmins in charge of cantonment and temple) are the two powerful sections of the priestly class differentiated on the basis of religious praxis and purity of status. The Matsya Purana (fifth century) suggests that the smarta form of house holder ship, which was rooted in the proper observance of the varn-asrama, became current from the time of Manu who is stated to have enforced such conduct. A passage in the Brahmanda Purana, which refers to the clash between the older Srauta and the more recent smarta forms of conduct, also helps in understanding the changing character of Brahmana orthodoxy and the relevance of such a change in a new social context”. i.e. illiterate Brahmins formed and enforced various castes.
    An Orriya Brahmin Sumanti Bhargava concealed name Manu a law giver Manu’s LawCh.I-88. To Brahmanas he assigned teaching and studying (the Veda), sacrificing for their own benefit and for others, giving and accepting (of alms). Ch.I-89. The Kshatriya he commanded to protect the people, to bestow gifts, to offer sacrifices, to study (the Veda), and to abstain from attaching himself to sensual pleasures; Ch.I-90. The Vaisya to tend cattle, to bestow gifts, to offer sacrifices, to study (the Veda), to trade, to lend money, and to cultivate land. Ch.I-91. One occupation only the lord prescribed to the Sudra, to serve meekly even these (other) three castes.
    Non-vedic Brahmins have enforced the dirty profession on forced labour i.e. untouchables classes and that is sub-caste among untouchables. Who has to cancel this branding if people continue to profess the present religion? Can our religion of combined panths including Buddhism or advance culture solve our problem?
    I think, gotra sir has given a good advice that for the betterment of Civilized Society separation of Religion is necessary and Morality cannot be derived from immoral discussion. A few in hundreds are educated among Meghwal (educated but unfit for Meghwal Samaj are as good as unfit) and no one is willing to respect them among our largest section of uneducated labourer class if they pretend to be educated and this is a greatest hurdle. We should have maximum number of woman preachers who could guide our woman folk about better livelihood in the existences of landless labourers domain gifted by Jajmani Rule.

  9. @ Zeal

    I agree with Zeal when she says- 'Buddhism should be seen as a way of living life by peace loving and progressive people instead of taking it as a separate religion.'

    In my view this is the best approach.

  10. National Law whether previous (that is now personal law) or present law, no one can be above it. Whatever law has made you, your advancement is a derivative of the respective class. The two religious ideologies are poles apart and that is why people are of disjunctive groups as class of castes and class of out-castes. National law supported by additional regulations of Purana and revenue laws i.e. Jajmani Rules are in our blood and veins in day to day life we live with it.
    To be frank, the suppression by this traditional attitude is a force that makes one to read modern law for seeking relief whether it is social or economic or judicial or in some other form. People confuse share in power of disjunctive class with reservation. We are for our share. To give it a name of reservation is directly associated with forced labour of a specific class and to develop them equal by giving them according to their share. This is again a fight of class that is persisting in our society from pre-Aryan Devas and non-Aryans Mulniwasi. Since Buddhism defines only working classes, so it is humanitarian.

  11. Very informative :) and there are some really good comments to add to it..Thanks all

  12. Following comment has been sent by Mr. Navin Bhoiya vide his email dt. 24-03-2011
    @ Dr. Divya Srivastava,
    Dear Sister,
    Thanks for your above comment. I think my post was little bit harsh and I apologize to you for the same. My intentions were never to hurt someone’s sentiments.
    Yes, you are right that educated people do not believe in discrimination. However, it is equally correct that their number is too less. Everyone in this world wants elevation in life. No one wants to lead a life of wanderer, everyone wants peace and happiness in every endeavor. I would like to quote one recent instance here. Few days back, I was watching ‘Lagan’ film with my son Rahul (6 years old) on Sony TV and at one scene when Kachchra (Untouchable leg spinner) was not being included in the cricket team, Bhuvan was convincing the villagers to induct him in the team. My son asked me why the villages are opposing to take Kachchra in the team, I told him that since he is poor guy they are not taking him. My son’s reply was “Oh, usne shirt nahi pehni hai isliye use nahi le rahe hai?”. I told yes my son.
    Here, I didn’t told him anything about caste and class discrimination but I am sure that within few years from now, he will be made known about caste and caste inferiority (SC). This lesson will be taught to him by his colleagues and surrounding people.
    We don’t believe in discrimination but Hinduism has fundamental teaching of asking once’ caste, gotra, varna etc. So, unless this tag of caste is alive, we will never have equality or liberty to atleast lead our lives as per our wish.
    Hope, you will understand that majority of Indians are under 4th Varna (Shudra) and we SC & ST constitutes 23% of Indian population and still waiting change of heart of the elite and educated people since last 2500 years.
    Thank you.
    Thanks N Regards

  13. Navin, neither you are harsh,nor there is any thing new in Buddhism to be apologetic about.Buddhism was system that operated carelessly allowing other ideologies to succeed.
    every thing is well defined in law and past ills are also suppressed by modern law. all of you should be open in expressing the knowledge.

    Romila Thapar had categorically given finding that Buddhism never took the growing influence of the scholarly class seriously because of superiority of Buddhism.

  14. .

    Dear brother Navin ,

    GL Sir is right in saying that there is nothing harsh in you or in the post .

    As you mentioned about the caste system in Hinduism, it is true but it has reduced to mere formality, required during wedding ceremonies or while filling some forms for passport etc. No more significance than that. People are rising above all this .

    If I talk about myself , I am of cosmopolitan views which I inherited from my broad minded parents .

    When you talk and praise Buddhism , it shows your inclination towards one religion, which again reflects discrimination among people following different faiths.

    Why can't we just take Buddhism as a beautiful outcome of other religions which is widely accepted by people .

    It teaches us a simpler way of living .

    regards ,


  15. Thanks Dr. Divya. I appreciate your broad perspective. Thanks again.

  16. Bushan jee we should look into deatil " constitutional structure, " Concept of Religion- sechduled castes as a saparate religion" and see how this word Kabir Panth, Dadu Panth, Barmati Panth and various other sects gets adjusted in our future universal religion. Panths are the greatest source of binding the people togather and panthic unity as a religion can be predicted.

    deviated discussion - needs to be taken care by the future controller of the religion like Navin, you and me are old to follow the young.

  17. Dr. Nitin From Jamnagar has sent this comment vide his email dt. 24-03-2011 :-

    Dear Navin very good post, i like,you refer a history book written by Rahul Sanskrityayan,VOLGA SE GANGA,he mentioned that Aryan invade the India from northern india, they were believed in sacrifice, they were sacrifice human and animals and females also,they where doing HAVAN daily, their villages where full of smokes clouds,Aryan where cruel against Buddha Bhikhu and Dravidian,their hands amputation and killed them,certain Buddha vihar were converted into Temples,putting statue of females,
    Recently one Bhikhu from Asam visited GHUMALI IN SAURASHTRA AND BARDO HILLS, Archeologist confirms that this construction is Buddha kalin, Bhuddha vihar was converted into Temple by Shankrachaya,the barda hill was known as Ajaygiri hill,there are Buddha kalin cave in Ghumali are found,
    The Rahul Sanskrityayan mention in his history, the Buddha dharma was widely accepted by peoples of world,while Aryan sacrifice and Havan was in trouble than Aryan change his dharma in vedic dharma, Volga se Ganga, Rahul clearly mentioned in his book ,that Aryan where monogamy,while Dravidian where polygamy, Rahul mention there were Aryan were polygamy, see kings of Aryans and others,many Buddha Bhikhu were killed and their hands were cut and amputated, Rahul said certain stories are made in Hinduism,the sachidanand said that Aryan were cruel against Females; Aryan settle in Haridwar with their cattle's, see it is mention in Hindu stories,;--SHUDRA, PASHU, NARI, TADAN KE ADHIKARY,
    Dr Baba saheb was believed in unity of dalits, but unfortunately they were divided by multiples caste,and started chanting mantrochar,The BUDDHA was believed in formless god, Navin is correct in his articles ,please a book of Rahul Sanskrityayan, VOLGA SE GANGA,in which fact of Hinduism is described,


  18. Thank you Zeal, Bhushan Sir, Bhagat Sir, Nitin Sir and all friends.

    Jay Megh, Jay Bharat.